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About the company

We are the first to legally grow Cannabis in Slovakia

As the first business and growing company in Slovakia, we legally grow Cannabis plants and process them into our extracts.

Our plants are truly grown with love.

“ I believe, that the natural conditions, clean water and a lot of sun create the right active substances in the correct ratio in our plants.”
Ing. Michal Veselý

We plant in a clean environment of the Carpathian Mountains countryside

Our farm is located at the foot of Považský Inovec mountain range. We grow our plants in bio quality in a clean environment of the Carpathian Mountains countryside in a natural way. Our facility has the area of 3 hectares, and every single plant has always its own space for its healthy development, growth and ripening.

Why choose the products from Elixor?

  • Elixor s.r.o. has existed since 2017, and has been dynamically evolving since then – a startup created by people with rich experiences in growing, processing and extraction
  • we make sure to have good relations with our customers and business partners
  • we are available and open to co-operation with individuals, or companies from around the world
  • we like the human approach in all aspects of the company
  • we take care of the environment and we try to minimise the impact of our activity – we use natural fertilizers and materials, and if we generate any waste, we separate and recycle it
  • we grow all of the plant material ourselves from seeds, and thus we know what our plants and extracts contain
  • we take care of the quality of our products and we constantly supervise it
  • we want to offer quality and beneficial products for a fair price to our customers, and that is why we try to lower the costs of production in a reasonable way (through recycling and new technological procedures) while maintaining the full quality, which will later reflect in a lower price for our customers
  • we work with research institutions

Our basic team

Our team consists of the basic team below and of the amazing people, that help with our work, whether they are scientists, field workers, or administrative staff. In every case we can say, that we have found a perfect co-worker and friend in one person. In every case we can say, that we have found a perfect co-worker and friend in one person.

Ing. Michal Veselý
Ing. Ľubomír Pastucha
Ing. Jan Pícha
1. Humanity
We are people, that like planting a manufacturing - again for the people. We try so that the outcome of our work serves the people - our friends, the members of our families, or just to anyone for happiness.
2. Quality
Our goal is to create products that are a 100% and beneficial to health. Our effort is to achieve a GMP and HVAC certification in a short period, so we will be able to say that we produce pharmaceutical quality natural products.
3. Development
Life is a change, and changes bring us possibilities for growth. In our company, we try to change the thinking, and the law for the benefit of Slovak farmers and processors of hemp with good intentions. We constantly try to find an advancement in our company, and the development of healthier and more effective manufacturing processes and products. We work with research institutions and universities, because we believe, that innovations can secure a complex processing of the whole hemp plant and its use in the many spheres of human life.
4. Positivity
Our activity has, and has to have a positive impact. Positive thinking drives us forward, while we believe in our real objectives.
5. Community
Each company, or individual is a part of some community. We identify with the thought of fellowship by trying to share with what we have, and we try to give back a part of what we gained to the community. The part of the income of the company is donated to charity.