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Quality control

What products can you find in our e-shop?

The quality level of our products is paramount for us. We constantly take care of the quality of our plants and products made from them. While planting, we only use biological fertilizers, we check the water quality and our planting, drying, and processing procedures were adjusted so they are in accordance with the GMP certifications.


How do we check the quality of our products?

Complete sets of analytical certificates
Every individual bottle, or plant material that leaves our facility, has a complete set of analytical certificates issued by third parties, which are publicly available on-line.
Analysis of the cannabinoid profiles
All of our products contain an individual analysis of the cannabinoid profile, the possible existence of residual heavy metals, residual solvents and pesticides, herbicides, insecticides.
Third party laboratories
The analysis is performed by certified third party laboratories, which guarantees the independence of testing.
Thanks to the leading quality control system of ELIXOR s.r.o. and a transparent database of batches, you can be sure when using our products, that your are taking quality and clean product into your body – simply an elixir
Ing. Michal Veselý

We are preparing for you test database

For you, we are preparing the test database of the individual product batches leaving our facility, so you have the opportunity as our customers, to see the checks that we make in order to produce the absolute quality and clean products

We want you to be with us, and we do not want to disappoint your trust. Almost every company specializing in the extraction of hemp claims that their products are top quality. We have all heard it over and over again, but can we truly trust them? Consumer news discovered, that many of the hemp companies falsely indicate the amount of cannabinoids in their products. Many of them don´t even contain any cannabinoids. Some other companies specializing in cannabis are forced to withdraw their products, because they contain toxic pesticides and spores.