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Scientific activity
Scientific activity ELIXOR

Research and innovative activity

Our company is dedicated to research and innovative activity since its beginning, some members of its basic team were dedicated to research activity a few years before its establishment. ELIXOR is one of the companies, that have the license from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport license to conduct research activity.

Innovation introduces the difference between the leader and the follower.
Steve Jobs

Besides research in the field of manufacturing health beneficial products and ways of growing plants, our company tries to find suitable species into individual growth environments with regard to the wanted final product either for the food, or the pharmaceutical industry. Within the frame of these activities, the company cooperates with experts from the Agricultural University in Nitra and the National Agricultural and Food Centre – Food Research Institute.

We are looking for partners from various areas of the industry, that conduct their own research and development and are interested in the use of hemp in their products. We are mainly looking for companies from the food, pharmaceutical, and material and technological industry, that are interested in entering common scientific-research projects. In the case you are interested in cooperation, or have any idea, please contact us through contac form. We will be thankful.

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